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The Book of Life is an interview-format podcast about Jewish kidlit, mostly, with occasional coverage of YA/adult books, music, film and web,  established in December 2005. Host Heidi Rabinowitz is a Judaica librarian at Congregation B'nai Israel of Boca Raton, FL, and the podcast reveals the backstory of materials that might be found in a synagogue library like Heidi's. As director of the Feldman Children's Library at B'nai Israel, Heidi focuses on material aimed at youth, but the podcast does cover a range of subject matter for all ages. If you are a creator of Jewish books, music, film, or web content, please see our submission guidelines.

Dec 18, 2020

Visit for full show notes. Or look for "The Puppy Test" posted December 17, 2021 at

In December 2020, the world received a wondrous Hanukkah gift: Daveed Diggs’ “Puppy for Hanukkah” video. I see Puppy for Hanukkah as an excellent...

Dec 6, 2020

Visit for full show notes. Or look for "Theodore Bikel's City of Light" posted December 6, 2020 at

Theodor Bikel, of blessed memory, was an Austrian-American actor, folk singer, musician, composer, unionist and...