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The Book of Life is an interview-format podcast about Jewish kidlit, mostly, with occasional coverage of YA/adult books, music, film and web,  established in December 2005. Host Heidi Rabinowitz is a Judaica librarian at Congregation B'nai Israel of Boca Raton, FL, and the podcast reveals the backstory of materials that might be found in a synagogue library like Heidi's. As director of the Feldman Children's Library at B'nai Israel, Heidi focuses on material aimed at youth, but the podcast does cover a range of subject matter for all ages. If you are a creator of Jewish books, music, film, or web content, please see our submission guidelines.

Dec 12, 2007

Markus Zusak speaks! A live, unedited presentation recorded at Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida with the author of The Book Thief. This extra December 2007 episode of The Book of Life podcast is a Hanukkah present for all you listeners, along with our new embeddable podcast player. Visit

Dec 2, 2007

Happy Hanukkah, and Happy 2nd anniversary to The Book of Life! On this episode, we meet: 1) Illustrator Ann Koffsky to learn about her snowflake Jerusalem of Peace, created for Robert's Snow for Cancer's Cure; 2) Author Sarah Lamstein & illustrator Neil Waldman, creators of Letter on the Wind: A Chanukah Tale; 3) Kenny...

Nov 14, 2007

The Book of Life's Thanksgiving Shout-Out Special is a bonus episode for November 2007! Includes interviews with musician Todd Herzog and illustrator Maryann Kovalski, as well as shout-outs to many listeners who have written in to the show, and info about the Blogathon at the Feldman Library (home base of The Book of Life).

Nov 4, 2007

The Book of Life is a monthly podcast about Jewish books, music, film and web at In this episode we celebrate traditional radio and the new media revolution of podcasting and blogging that was born from it. We interview Harold Augenbraum, director of the National Book Foundation, about...

Oct 2, 2007

The Book of Life: a show about Jewish people and the books we read! This episode celebrates classic Jewish children's books. The All-of-a-Kind Family books by Sydney Taylor represent with an interview with Sydney's daughter, Jo Taylor Marshall. Author Michelle Edwards tells us about her picture book, Chicken Man....